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          Mini Electric

          Mini Superleggera still being discussed

          Although rumors were floating that the Mini Superleggera EV concept was headed for production in 2018, Mini’s top executive Peter Schwarzenbauer has says the Superleggera would be a “great addition to the Mini Range […]…

          MINI submits patent drawings of electric roadster

          Last week, MINI announced they would be offering an electric vehicle ‘soon’. BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer said that MINI was close to deciding whether or not to give the Superleggera Vision concept the green-light…

          Mini to Offer Electric Vehicle ‘soon’

          In a recent announcement from BMW Auto Group, the brand’s chief, Peter Schwarzenbauer, announced Mini will shrink its lineup from 8 models to 5 models. The downsizing of the lineup comes in an effort to…