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          Fiat 500 Electric

          Release Date: July 2013
          MSRP: $32,500
          Battery Pack Size: 24 KWh
          Electric Range: 87
          MPGe: 116 MPGe
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          Fiat 500e ‘Sold Out’

          When the Fiat 500e becomes available next month it will only be available for retail in California. According to Jason Stoicevich, president and CEO of the Fiat brand in North America, however, order for the…

          Front left view of Fiat 500e Exterior in Orange

          Consumer Reports reviews the Fiat 500e

          The Fiat 500e is Chrysler’s California ‘compliance’ vehicle to meet the CARB mandate. According to Consumer Reports, however, unlike some other electric vehicles, Chrysler didn’t just pump out an EV, they “sweated the details and…

          side view of electric orange Fiat 500e on the beac

          Fiat 500e range announced

          We admit, we’re a little behind (2 weeks or so) on this. Somewhere in the excitement of coming out of the holidays and leading up to the North American International Auto Show on January 14th,…

          side view of electric orange Fiat 500e on the beac

          Fiat 500e will not be available in Europe

          Fiat has decided to hold off on selling the Fiat 500e electric compact vehicle in Europe. Fiat global brand chief Olivier Francois confirmed that the company won’t distribute the 500e outside of North America, for…