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          Cadillac ELR

          Release Date: Early 2014
          MSRP: unkown
          Battery Pack Size: 15.6 kWh
          Electric Range: estimated 35 miles
          Visit the Cadillac ELR Forum

          Cadillac ELR is priced over $75,000

          Today GM announced the base Cadillac ELR will be priced at $75,995. After the $7500 tax credit in the US, that brings the price down to somewhere around $67,500. Cadillac is also accepting reservations for…

          Cadillac ELR Preliminary Specifications

          GM has released preliminary specifications for the 2014 Cadillac ELR. Following the ELR’s unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show in January, GM has released a comprehensive list of specifications on the extended range electric vehicle….

          Cadillac ELR does winter

          Now that Cadillac as unveiled the production version of the ELR, they need to make sure all of the ELR’s systems are fine tuned and ready for mass-production. Cadillac engineers took the ELR plug-in hybrid…