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          BMW i8

          Release Date: 2014
          MSRP: $135,925 US
          Battery Pack Size: 7.2 kWh
          Electric Range: 22 miles estimated
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          BMW delivers first i8 plug-in vehicles in the US

          On Firday, at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, BMW delivered the first BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car to a US customer. This happened the day before the custom Concours d’Elegance was auctioned off by Jay…

          BMW i8 hits development challenges, say BMW officials

          A BMW spokesman has said that incorporating the carbon fiber reinforced plastic body shell (the same method used in the BMW i3) into the i8 convertible design is proving problematic. The last architecture presented some…

          BMW i8 fully unveiled at Frankfurt Auto Show

          The BMW i8 was finally fully unveiled in production form this morning at the Frankfurt Auto Show. It joins the BMW i3 as the second model in the BMW i sub-brand. Similar to the i3,…